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In my opinion, critical thinking is not negative or positive, but curious and seeking knowledge and always learning by the interactions and reactions and connections with others even if the receptors that collect the sensory data decide to edit the information before sending it off to the neurons whose sole purpose is to post off the information into the correct keyholes in order that the correct person gets the knowledge it needs in order to function effectively.

Neurons are therefore not critical thinkers.

They are cogs in the machine, like termites.

One photon in a sun beam.

One grain of sand on a sea shore.

However, if those neurons can only grow the dendrite trees in prolific profusion and electrical excitation and stimulation and other chemical reactions to actions, then maybe, just maybe, the light will shed a tear for the dark and the dark will embrace the light.

Reference: My unique perception to unique sensations that transduces energetic electrical signals into neural code in order to experience myself completely in the mirror of my small mess in order to evolve myself into a big mess.....
If there was ever a time for globally prestigious psychiatrists to take a rational stand up for the human brain and its hidden intentions and inventions, once and for all, then surely this must be it.

The state of mind of blade runner at the time that he pumped four bullets into the body of his love, the very beautiful reeva, is so hidden and so alone in his brain encased in the façade of blood and bone and other fleshy bits and pieces.

Lie detectors and MRI scans and the very latest technology should be introduced in order to find out the truth and nothing but the truth, in order to help us all to understand how anyone of sound mind can make such a tragic mistake or plan such a horrific crime.

Where does the truth lie?

And here we all sit and watch the mass media big screams and listen to the opinions of global journalists and depending on our glass half full or glass half empty psychologies inside our own brains, we make our judgements and public opinion polls and voices heard, like I am now.

But the actual truth is,  that there is once again many victims of that sad valentines day for the two young people from families who love them both and much trauma for the rest of us who admired blade runner as he ran the Olympics on his very smart legs, created by a very smart designer of immense nice ness who spent hours and hours perfecting the perfect prosthetics for him to use on that particular occasion.

How can we get over this immense blow to our hero worshipping hearts when icons like Lance Armstrong and Blade Runner and many others are found to be even more damaged than we are?

The only way to heal our human mindsets is to understand the brain and how it works and why it thinks and reacts and says the things it does and to finally learn that we are all the cannon fodder for evolutions slow progress towards some kind of future goal of perfection.

It is a hard lesson that the human brain cannot fathom because it may mean that we are not in fact the supreme gods of all of this planet, but are instead the most primitive species upon it, choosing to destroy ourselves and our future generations against all reason, in a sort of blind mess of toxic mindset and damaged intentions and ignorant choices and uncivilized action, one against the other.

I think that what we as a species will eventually learn, is that we are all damaged and that our primitive brains are still evolving towards the place where we will maybe survive long enough to know how to nurture and nourish a new generation from birth to death in a healthy and safe kind of way, using every available smart technique and every available resource from this today, towards this eventual goal.
If one tried to teach a machine what a person was, the difference between the definition "fucking oaf" (foaf) or "fantastic outstanding amazing friend" (foaf) would not be understood by the machine in a negative or positive emotional way like a person would understand it.

A bit like swearing at a pet dog or cat or budgie or rabbit in a nice happy voice whilst sitting quietly on the couch next to it and stroking its head gently.

It is the tone of the voice that is reacted upon, the body language and the actions, not the actual words.

Therefore, I would imagine that teaching a machine to recognize the emotions in a person's voice and face and the body language of a person and the actions of a person would be far more effective than trying to teach it with written words in a dictionary only.

Opening up the xtra hearing porthole to its data processing ability, together with the seeing porthole (matching emotions in voices and faces with actions of persons on you tube or video etc and then putting it all together with words and photographs on fb and badoo and other websites)may build a semi human kind of  "Thank fuck I-Am a robot and not a fucking oaf!"

I wonder what one would do to teach a machine to taste, smell, and feel through its own skin as well?

So many new nano materials are being discovered lately that can think for a persons body and probably would be the kind of thing one could use to build up the feeling flesh of a machine that can feel cold or heat and monitor its oil levels and electrical and magnetic wiring and firing, like we would monitor our BMI and heart beat and breathing rates to determine our health and when not optimal or run down, we would go get some maintenance done by our local GP.

To get it to feel pain or pleasure may be difficult, I would imagine, but probably not impossible once the brain of a rat or bee or similar is sequenced like the genetic code was a long time ago and then somehow that information is downloaded into the machines emotional bank somewhere in its internal wiring.

Maybe there are very clever people out there who already know how to do this in the medical fields of neurology and neuropsychology and physiology and other engineering robotic worlds of games and play stations, I-robots, transformers, and such on the movie sets of incredible superman jet boosters on their backs flying through the sky as fast as jet planes.

(Jet packs on the backs of supermen recently became a reality at an air show in New Zealand)

It is so awesome to see the future unfold the technology that can make or break the future in negative or positive ways.

Such an awesome responsibility for this generation today.

Much greater than my generations responsibility, who had to try and grow kids with brains with not even one bit of help from google on the www.

I wonder how long it will take to research every neuron in just one brain and follow its dendrite tree branch by branch and twig by twig as it flickers and flits and flashes and lights up or dies down and withers away as it thinks and speaks and does and feels and hears and tastes and smells and sees.

^^(I imagine researchers in a lab somewhere implanting a data gathering chip in the brains of rats from birth to death that monitors every implication and connotation and then feeds that information of mind and behavior into a machine which will then collate it and analyze it and send it off for processing to its various compartments for action in nanosecond computations.)

All the emotions of pain and fear and hope and love and hate and the many shades of patience and kindness and niceness and planning and learning and computing and playing will be loaded into the machine eventually from animal and human brains.

Imagine the data input of information being gathered as we speak from normal people like me into the emotional bank collection of the machine to enable it to hear like me, to see like me, to feel emotion like me.

All this information is being gathered as we speak from the www to add to its hearing collection, its sight collection, its feeling collection, its dictionary, its you tube behavior and telephonic tones of voices and wordy discussions on social media and satellite google maps and languages and so on and so forth by people who love their smart technology and face book and other mass media connections.

Minus the porthole of taste and smell, the robot will be quite realistic but without life experience of its own.

It will have to live through all of us.

After all of that data input, I wonder if then, a robot would be quite similar to a human except with a lot more memory and the computational ability to access all those data files of information in quantum nanoseconds as opposed to "Um …ah…Um?


##(This bit of prose was inspired by reading up about the www consortium and semantics and the web ontology language and sparql and because the father of the www as he is called, is in New Zealand to shake hands with our Prime Minister.)
If I could create a heaven, it would be all about me and you.

I would be god and the rest of you would be my slaves.

Which would mean that the rest of you were in the hell of my heaven or vice versa, if the shoe were on the other foot?

If I were alone in heaven,  that would be a lonely hell, because I would need someone to notice me, to pay attention to me, to give me comfort, to love me, and with no one there to do that, I would be sad and miserable and lonely and very, very, moody,
• (unless I were a robot or a machine made of steel and other bits and pieces, or a biological creation as cold as the absolute nature of things, then I would not know any better or worse or in between the kinds of possible human mindsets and other evolutions)

So in the absolute fact of the matter, I could never create a heaven all on my own.

You would have to be there also.

We would have to create a combined heaven together as one, on equal footing with each other and no sacrificial lamb or leader of the pack or any other kinds of dysfunctional relationships therein to disturb the equilibrium of a combined and sustained and incredible heavenly hosts in heaven.

Which could possibly be created through a biological neural network of connected brains one day in the future, where speech and action is no longer necessary because thoughts are the creators of reality….providing that everyone were in on it, even the weakest link.

Isn't that an amazingly impossible kind of unfathomable thought in the present status of the planetary kinds of negative and positive mindsets that is brought to us to inform us and incite us and educate us and persuade us and market us and edit us via the artificial sixth sense of the smart technology of the global mass media, directly into our brains.

Our potential birthright to be the equally amazing gods of our own little blue and green biological miracle of a planet one fine day is as close as tapping into every single potential talent and gene and mind and creating a positive mindset in healthy and safe human beings with a guaranteed birthright to their potentials and talents.

Tap Tap tapping on heavens door by means of responsible and positive education campaigns and support groups and caring and sharing via the artificial sixth sense, until it evolves to become the biological connectivity that is actually our real birthright as human beings.

• Acknowledging that this point of no return is as close as opening the doors of our mindsets and freeing ourselves from the ignorance of thinking that we are already a perfect creation; Instead of an evolving species In the beginning stages of intelligence.

In order to hurry this event along before the singularity of ignorance and intolerance and bigotry finally turns off all the lights in reasonable mindsets for good, I personally would get all the brainy and clever and sane people from every nation on the planet (If there are any left?) together for an urgent meeting of planetary power and prestige and profitability.

I would ask them to come up with a plan of massive re construction of systems and institutions and mindsets and psychologies and ideologies and mythologies on a global scale towards the urgent ideal of providing a safe and healthy environment for all the seven billion and more potential gods inside our hell on earth in the path of our own destruction of ourselves, using the voice piece of globally smart mass media kinds of tools of reconstruction.

• So that at last, 'Our-Cloud' of Creative Forces, will finally begin to claim its birthright to grow and replicate through the eons of unexplored possibilities and potentials and universes that lie in wait along the final frontiers of its own enlightened understanding beyond the event horizon of its present primitive and limited brain stems.

Another quickie;  +++Maybe it will just be easier all around if we ail took a pill to make us happy and another pill to make me sane and another pill to make you clever and another pill to make them nice and another pill to make us love you as much as we love myself?

• Now that's an idea that the planetary changing idea people can chew upon in a planetary changing kind of meeting place that does not have any fist waving's or shouting out about how right they are and how wrong we are kinds of mindsets of massive intolerances and other atrocities on it's membership lists in all the global power houses everywhere?
A friend mentioned the hormone called dopamine and its applications and implications and what a fascinating hormone it was, and I got to thinking about all of the hormones in the human body.

There are a lot of them.

Hormones that are like little soldiers who get called up for instant duty when I am frightened or angry or sad or  happy or feeling sexy or witchy or itchy or in any sort of physical or emotional pain or happy place.

Like a very experienced menopausal lady once said in an epic poem of brevity:
"I think I am.
A hormone"

She is so right in so many ways, because hormones like adrenaline and cortisol and estrogen and testosterone and so many more, have molded me and shaped me from the time that I was inside my mothers womb being created by her hormones and physical condition and mental condition and dietary intakes and uptakes and cupcakes and other hereditary and genetic materials.

After I exited the birth canal, my own hormones kicked in, molding and shaping me even further as I learn to stress and be afraid and shiver and laugh and smile and cry and feel and smell and taste and hear and learn to see that upside down is not the right side up.

It is so fascinating.

I imagine myself therefore, as a vast pixilated sheet of music on the quantum level.

Each little pixel  of me is a subtly changing and moving with chameleon like shades of many colors that is being played by the implications and applications of everything hormonal and chemical and magnetic and sparkly as it breathes in and out in the vast smashing branes, like some physicists have theorized about.

Each of us has this big brane of pixilated and holographic and smilographical vastness that eventually smashes together in epic connections that fire up vast explosions of neuronic activity in the great big brain of everything.

I love the thought of being played and molded and shaped and tweaked on a quantum level of epic hormonal and chemical and other exciting and unfathomable ways that make me so unique and so incredible and so amazing and interesting.

I love the thought that this process begins from the moment of my conception to the moment that I disconnect from my physical body and that I am learning and growing and evolving and changing even as I write these words down here upon my little laptop that connects me to so many other branes out there all smashing together in unfathomable big explosions of learning and thinking and creating the positives to connect and the negatives to disconnect themselves from everything possible.


Jennifer Wappler
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
New Zealand
I am insane so don't take me too seriously. seriously! xx

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